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Teather Content FAQ

What is Teather CSW, CSWjr & Adult ToonVillage.

CSW is an American streaming service owned by Teather Network, Inc. The Network will be launching soon in Unites States, Europe, India and South America. Teather Network primarily broadcasts animated television series, mostly childrens, toddlers and adult content. CSW Age: 5-16 CSWJr Age: 1-4 Adult ToonVillage Age: 17+

Are pilot submissions free?

Yes, it is currently free.

How old do i have to be to submit a pilot?

You have to be 18+ to submit a pilot.

What will happen if Teather Network has interests in my pilot?

Typically we will contact the creator if we are interested in your pilot. If we see that your pilot fit our needs, we will try to get a completed series with the creator of the show and negotiate a deal that can work for both the creator and the network.

What kind of animation is Teather Network looking for?

Teather Network is looking for cartoons in the following: -Comedy -Horror Comedy -Fantasy -Action -Investigation -Children's Education -Learning -Kid Anime -Adult Anime -Funny Animals -Animated Musical -Slapstick -Black Comedy -Action Adventure -Super Hero Animation -Comic Science Fiction -Comedy Drama -Life and much more.

How long does Teather Network submission review take?

2-4 days

What will get my pilot submission denied from Teather Network?

Teather Network will deny pilot submissions if we see that it goes against our evaluation agreement. Creators that are submitting pilots must make sure that the terms and agreement stating "I agree that my content is original submitted can be used as a pilot pitch to Teather Network and many other networks" is checked to avoid being denied with your submission.

How long does shows and pilots have to be?

Show Series: 7-30 minutes Pilots: 7 minutes

Can i submit multiple shows and pilots?

Yes you can submit multiple shows. For each show you have please submit a new show here https://www.teathernw.com/submit-a-show For each pilot you have please submit a new pilot here: https://www.teathernw.com/submit-a-pilot

When will my pilot be shown?

Your pilot will be shown during the month you have scheduled for it to be shown, if you have forgotten what month you have selected, please contact us in a live chat.

Do i have to advertise any of my content?

No Teather Network will handle all advertisements for any of the content that is on it's platform.

Can i submit a pitch bible?

No, sadly you can not send a pitch bible without having a finished pilot as well.

Live TV FAQs

How many channels are free with Teather Network?

100 channels comes with Teather Network free plan.

Are Teather Network boxes free?

No, Teather network tv boxes are $49, and once you buy the tv box you own it. Our tv box also have Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus and more.

Is Teather Network easy to install?

Yes! Teather Network is a plug and play TV Box just like Roku, Android tv and Fire Tv.

Shipping FAQs

How long does Teather TV Box take to be delivered?

Typically it takes 3-5 days, because of Covid-19 you might have a slight delay on your package that could take 5-7 days.

When my package arrive do i have to install anything?

No, all your favorite apps will be installed for you all you have to do is log into your account.



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